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Globalization has transformed the economies of countless countries. It has also transformed business – how it’s conducted, where it’s conducted, and by whom. The transformation has touched the very structure of the enterprise as well as the nature and definition of economic “value.” Emblematic of the change has been the emergence of the Globally Integrated Enterprise (GIE), which refers to companies that are truly “global” (as opposed to “multinational”) in their management and their operations, utilizing  global supply chains not just for products, but also services, capital, ideas and intellectual property. As at previous inflection points in history, we need a new language – and new thinking – to harness the promise of this new era for society and avoid the peril that can arise in periods of change.


Eight Key Areas To Address For A Successful Digital Supply Chain Transformation

Every supply chain leader is struggling to improve operations, integrate new technologies and figure out how to obtain and use data from a vast array of options. Why? Because we now have the analytical knowledge and technical capability to build a Digital Supply Chain that stokes customer demand and minimizes costs. While the solutions will… Read more

What we continue to get wrong about cybersecurity

October 1 marked the start of  National Cybersecurity Awareness Month . While the designation is a clever way to highlight the need for greater vigilance in how we use technology, it’s nonetheless ill-advised. Cybersecurity shouldn’t be treated as a flavor of the month. We need to focus on it every day, for a simple reason: humans pose the biggest… Read more

Small businesses main focus of new cybersecurity rules

Small businesses are increasingly being targeted digitally by nation states, according to Department of Defense officials, who say more must be done specifically to evaluate and reinforce the security of contractors battling cyberattacks. “We’re losing,” said Katie Arrington, special assistant to the assistant secretary of defense for acquisition for cyber within the office of the… Read more


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