New Thinking for a New Era A Deeper Understanding
of Global Enterprises
The Triumph of Data
over Ideology
A New Model of Leadership Open and Secure Flows
of Trade, People and Ideas

Our Mission

History records the origins of the commercial corporation back to 1347 when the Stora Kopparberg mining community obtained a charter from Swedish King Magnus Eriksson.

Since then the corporation has been a force for societal change, frequently improving the human condition and at times challenging it. The wealth creation generated by this model of enterprise has enabled billions of people over the centuries to have longer, healthier, more independent lives, and higher standards of living.

The Center for Global Enterprise is a nonprofit, nonpartisan research institution devoted to the study of global management best practices, the contemporary corporation, economic integration, and their impact on society.

We are dedicated to the following commitments:

  • Management engagement
  • Bold research
  • Open education
  • Innovative approaches
  • Global community
  • Stakeholder capacity building

CGE encourages companies and individuals to deepen their awareness of what it means to be a global enterprise, global leader and global citizen, and to demonstrate the management skills necessary to create an environment for a better future.